About our sheep farm

Welcome to our sheep farm.  We have a flock of purebred Katahdin sheep both registered and non-registered(.  Our farm is located on approximately 45 acres of land east of Camrose, Alberta.  Our lambing season starts about the second week of March.  We maintain a flock of around fifty ewes.  During our lambing season, it is still cold enough that there are no pesky flies or mosquitos to bother the sheep.  The Katahdin will adapt quite well to the cold winter weather.  The sheep do quite well having access to dry bedding and shelter from wind and the snow.  Also, the lambs get a good start on hay and grain ration before being let out on grass.  We vaccinate our lambs at approximately one month of age and also give them a 1/2cc of Selon-E.   They also have access to salt blocks containing trace minerals with minimum copper content.


We like the Katahdin breed as they are a haired sheep that naturally shed their coat every spring and there is no need for shearing.  They also are very good moms and have a good temperament around people.  In some instances, when approaching a mom with newborn lambs, she may stomp one of her feet at you as a warning.  There is a rare occasion she may give you a bunt.  My daughter can attest to that, she’s even named a couple of them “meany”.  For rams you do have to be a bit more careful.  Every now and then they will try and challenge you.  So it only makes sense not to turn your back on a ram.  Always be careful with children.




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