Well, the lambing is just about done. Just a couple sheep left that were bred later. Definitely had some challenging moments with the colder weather this year. Losses were higher this year as well but I can’t attribute it the colder weather. Oh the things I would do different in hindsight. Add it to the learning curve I guess. All in all, a nice crop of lambs this year. Finally, put together some pictures to brighten your day.

“I’m so adorable”
Beautiful Hoar Frost on this cold clear morning. White llama providing backdrop
March 15th
Nice and warm in the lambing barn
(-26 deg. C. this morning!)
March 16th
Early morning walk through
Comfy Cozy in the barn
March 17th
Warmer weather a welcome to this set of twins. Everyone much happier today!

Lady Grey
Warmer weather bringing out everyone today
(King Louis)
Toffee and her triplets
(Born March 19th)
167C and her set of triplets
(Born March 21st)
March 22nd
RWG 27C and her set of triplets
Getting in on the photo shoot
Basking in the sun
Triplets from our ram “Moose” (JJV 24F)
Born March 23rd
Cucumber and her twins
March 24th
These 2 lambs found a nice spot in the bale on this snowy night.
Smart lambs!
Not so smart sheep!
How come they get all the good stuff?
156C and her 14lb lamb!
(Born on March 25th)
No small task for this mom. I’m glad I was there to help.
March 26th
A pleasant surprise from Coco
Our black sheep actually had black sheep this year!
March 31st
March 31st
Much nicer inside the barn
April 7th
Spring like weather on the south side of the barn. What a difference the sun makes!
April 7th
Still winter on the north side of the barn
April 15th
Spring has arrived on the north side of the barn!
Snook and her set of triplets born on April 15th
Lots of triplets this year!
April 17th
Peaches and het set of twins
April 18th

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We have a flock of purebred Katahdin sheep both registered and non-registered.

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